IB DP Language A Language and Literature -recipe for Mongolian lamb

Text: “Mongolian lamb.” Best recipes. https://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipes/mongolian-lamb-recipe/ge8t0ol8

Before analyzing the text make sure to have a look at the following page for a better understanding of how to use the text to help you with your assessments: https://language-literature.com/sample-text-analysis-blog-posts/

Some elements of this text to consider:

  • The website would very likely be simplified for an actual Paper 1 – some of the non-core parts would probably be removed.
  • The “Australia’s Best Recipes” (and the .au suffix) indicate that the website is geared towards Australians but it is of course accessible to everyone online.
  • The simplicity of the website. Many recipe websites have a long and drawn-out write up at the start but this website gets to the point quite quickly.
  • The website allows (and encourages) users to upload their own recipe “for a chance to win.” In this way users are encouraged to try the recipe and they are also contributing to the content of the website.

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