IB DP Language A Language and Literature – Sample Paper 1 exam (2021 curriculum) – Tweet on Canada and China, Strong Girls Strong World

The following PDF is a paper 1 sample exam for IB DP Language A Language and Literature . Make sure you review the Paper 1 requirements and criteria. You can use a Paper 1 sample in the following ways:

  • Becoming familiar with a variety of text types including ones you have not seen before
  • Becoming familiar with a range of texts within a text type (e.g. looking at different kinds of opinion-editorials, reports, etc.)
  • Practicing annotating Paper 1 texts
  • Evaluating guiding questions
  • Brainstorming / organizing a Paper 1 response
  • Writing a Paper 1 essay
  • Practicing a real-life Paper 1 scenario under exam-like conditions

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