IB DP Language A Language and Literature – sample text analysis – extract from book on bushcraft

Before analyzing the text make sure to have a look at the following page for a better understanding of how to use the text to help you with your assessments: https://language-literature.com/sample-text-analysis-blog-posts/

Text: Graves, Richard. Bushcraft the Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness. Pg. 153

Some elements of this text to consider:

  • The illustration is in black and white and has a fairly basic level of detail. However, this set of instructions does not need colour or a detailed illustration to be effective.
  • The text uses the second person “you” quite frequently. It adds a somewhat more personal element to the text. A more formal set of instructions though (e.g. a Mazda technical manual for transmission repair) would very likely not include “you” in the instructions.
  • The step-by-step instructions under the illustration are given in the form of a paragraph instead of a bullet point or numbered list. The paragraph includes some descriptive language aimed to improve the reader’s chance of making a fire (e.g. “softly tease a large piece,” “loosely between the widespread fingers”)

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