IB DP Language A Language and Literature – sample text analysis – Joker movie poster

Before analyzing the text make sure to have a look at the following page for a better understanding of how to use the text to help you with your assessments: https://language-literature.com/sample-text-analysis-blog-posts/

Text: Joker. Warner Brothers Studios.

Some elements of this text to consider:

  • This poster only has a minimal amount of text. The phrase “Put on a happy face” contrasts dramatically with the depiction of the Joker on the right side of the poster.
  • The horizontal strips allude to the different layers of the Joker’s personality. In addition, the layers as a whole give an incomplete rendition of the Joker’s face and his eyes are notably missing.
    The visual elements are clearly powerful enough for the poster to achieve its purpose.
  • Consider how different visual elements of the poster create tone.

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