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Before analyzing the text make sure to have a look at the following page for a better understanding of how to use the text to help you with your assessments: https://language-literature.com/sample-text-analysis-blog-posts/

Text: The Big Meal. It’s a Great Deal for Dinner. McDonalds. 1971

Some elements of this text to consider:

  • The IB could definitely choose an older ad (or any other older text) for Paper 1. In fact, the November 2016 Paper 1 exam (a previous curriculum) had a car ad from 1947.
  • The thicker style font of the text at the top of the ad is commonly used in ads for things that are “big,” “strong,” tough,” etc. Thinner, more elegant fonts are commonly found in wedding-related texts, some upmarket restaurant menus, etc.
  • The focus is on the food in the foreground but the depth of field is important. The employee in the background is slightly out of focus so he doesn’t distract from the mood but he is in focus enough so the audience can see his facial expression. The ad doesn’t mention anything about customer service but the look on his face and the silver tray do allude to it.

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