IB DP Language A Language and Literature -sample text analysis – REI website (tent)

Text: “REI Co-op Base Camp 4 Tent.” REI.com https://www.rei.com/product/136057/rei-co-op-base-camp-4-tent

Before you read the “spoiler” bullet points below take a careful look at the text. Imagine it is a text you are using for your DP Language A Language and Literature assessments ( Paper 1, the individual oral, the HL essay,) and analyze it accordingly. This text would not be appropriate for Paper 2.

Paper 1: first take a careful look at criteria A and B . Then, consider how you would approach this particular text in light of the requirements of criteria A and B.

Individual oral: Start by looking at criteria A and B for the IO. There are some similarities between the criteria in the individual oral and those in Paper 1. However, the individual oral also requires students to make connections between extracts from a work and body of work. The individual oral must make connections with the global issue that the student has chosen. Consider how this text is linked to different global issues.

HL essay: The HL essay is an in-depth analysis of a non-literary body of work or a literary work the student has studied in class. Imagine this text is from a non-literary body of work and consider possible approaches you could take with the 1200-1500 word HL essay. This could include evaluating connections between this text and the seven central concepts in DP Language A Language and Literature.

Some elements of this text to consider:

  • FYI REI is in its own words, “your local outdoor co-op, working to help you experience the transformational power of nature. We bring you top-quality gear and apparel, expert advice, rental equipment, inspiring stories of life outside and outdoor experiences to enjoy alone or share with your friends and family.” https://www.rei.com/about-rei
  • This website is too complicated / busy as is for a Paper 1. The IB usually adapts (i.e. simplifies) websites for use on Paper 1 and keeps an image or two and the main text.
  • The main image of the tent (with clickable other photos of it) dominates the top of the page. Next to the image is the manufacturer, the name of the tent, rating, item number, and price. At a quick glance (and without needed to scroll / click) the viewer / shopper has all of the key information right away.
  • The “features” section of the page focus on positive aspects of the tent and uses phrases such as “highly stable while maximizing interior livability” to increase the odds that a shopper will purchase the tent.
  • The “technical specs” section of the page, in contrast to the “features” section, is purely factual.

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