IB DP Language A Language and Literature – sample text analysis – satire article on Nike / Lebron James

Text: Josh Chau. “Nike releases special edition Nike Lebron 19 Sweatshop Pack to celebrate Chinese New Year.” The Beaverton. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2022/02/nike-releases-special-edition-nike-lebron-19-sweatshop-pack-to-celebrate-chinese-new-year/

Before analyzing the text make sure to have a look at the following page for a better understanding of how to use the text to help you with your assessments: https://language-literature.com/sample-text-analysis-blog-posts/

Some elements of this text to consider:

  • Make sure you know the difference between satire, irony, and parody as they are often mistaken for one another.
  • Consider how the goals of this satirical article compare / contrast to a news article highlighting Nike’s problematic labour practices.
  • The article uses quite biting language to highlight Nike’s use of problematic labour practices: “This year, we want to celebrate Lunar New Year with the Asian community by recognizing their role in shaping Nike’s history,” explained Nike designer Ashley Shoemaker. “Nike would not be where we are today without the cheap and unethical labour we exploited them for.”

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