Individual Oral – outline

Check the Subject Guide and with your teacher for official information about the individual oral.

The individual oral is an internal assessment. Internal assessments are assessments that are marked by the teacher.  However, the marks are moderated by the IB.  The mark the IB gives the assessment is the final mark. The individual oral is the only internal assessment in DP Language A Language and Literature.

The individual oral is done with only the teacher and student present. It is recorded and the recordings and copies of the extracts are submitted to the IB for moderation. Students must fill out and submit a form to the teacher beforehand. The form is an outline of the student’s individual oral. The IB may also require a copy of the student’s outline.

At the SL level the individual oral counts for 30% of the total course mark. At the HL level the weighting is 20%.

The total duration of the individual oral is 15 minutes (10 minutes for the student’s Individual oral, 5 minutes for teacher questions).

The individual oral needs to address the following prompt:

Examine the ways in which the global issue of your choice is presented through the content and form of one of the works and one of the bodies of work that you have studied.” (Subject Guide pg. 60).

Each student must choose the following for his / her individual Oral

  • A global issue
  • A body of work
  • An extract from the body of work
  • A work
  • An extract from the work

The student’s chosen global issue is the core of the individual oral. All of the other choices the student makes must link back to the global issue.

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