Learner Portfolio

The learner portfolio is not assessed in DP Language A Language and Literature. It is, however, a core part of the course and is mandatory.

According to the Subject Guide the learner portfolio is quite simply: “It is an individual collection of student work done throughout the two years of the course” (25). Page 26 of there Subject Guide has a fairly lengthy list of ways in which the learner portfolio can be used.

  • Students use the learner portfolio to keep track of what they learned and they can use their learner portfolio to prepare for assessments.
  • The IB does not prescribe a set format for the learner portfolio.
  • If there are questions regarding the authenticity of student work, a student’s learner portfolio may have to be submitted to the IB.
  • If there are questions about how a school is implementing the DP Language A Language and Literature course then learner portfolios may have to be submitted to the IB.

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