Paper 2 – outline

Check the Subject Guide and with your teacher for official information about Paper 2.

Paper 2 is an External Assessment. External assessments are marked by the IB.  The teacher is not involved in the marking of external assessments.

Paper 2 is almost exactly the same for SL and HL. The only difference is the weighting. In the SL course the weighting for Paper 2 is 35%. In the HL course it is 25%

  • 1 hour 45 min
  • SL: 35% weighting
  • HL: 25% weighting
  • Paper 2 has four general questions.
  • Students choose one question and write a comparative essay.
  • The essay must refer to two literary works that the student has studied.
  • The student cannot write about a literary work that he / she has already used for the Individual Oral or the HL essay.
  • Students cannot bring their works into the exam.

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