IB DP Language A Language and Literature – Sample text analysis – screenplay

Text: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off by John Hughes.

Before you read the “spoiler” bullet points below take a careful look at the text. Imagine it is a text you are using for your DP Language A Language and Literature assessments: the individual oral, the HL essay, or Paper 1 and analyze it accordingly. (This text would not be appropriate for Paper 2).

Some elements of the text to consider:

  • The chances of a screenplay showing up on a paper 1 are quite low but it is on the list of text types in the subject guide
  • Screenplays only contained certain kinds amount of information – some camera angles, locations, some actor movements, actions, character names, and dialogue.
  • Screenplays leave out much of what show up in a final movie / TV show because it is up to the director, actors, and production staff to fill in the rest
  • The format and plain font used is standard for screenplays
  • Different parts of the screenplay are indented in different ways. -e.g. dialogue and the speaker of the dialogue
  • Character names are in full caps

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