IB DP Language A Language and Literature – sample text analysis – travel writing

Before you read the “spoiler” bullet points below take a careful look at the text. Imagine it is a text you are using for one of your DP Language A Language and Literature assessments: the individual oral, the HL essay, or Paper 1 and analyze it accordingly. (This text would not be appropriate for Paper 2).

Some elements of the text to consider:

  • The characteristics of this particular kind of travel writing
  • “Tokyo” written in English and in kanji (Chinese characters)
  • The map of Japan on the top right with Tokyo marked on it
  • The first three paragraphs of the text which differ somewhat from the rest
  • The highlights located in a box separated from the rest of the text and the use of bold, a map, and pages numbers with additional information
  • The occasional use of first and second person in the text (“we,” “you”)
  • The suggested itinerary in the orientation section which gives detail that would appeal to a broad range of readers
  • The amount of detail in the history section of the text and what this indicates about the audience and purpose of the text
  • Information about additional resources available in the Maps section of the text

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